What Are The Most Important Components Of A Record Player

vinyl recordsFor even the most conventional record players, the counterweight plays an important role. This counterweight device is usually found at the base area of the tonearm. It’s adjustable to a certain degree and some can even be fine-tuned to a very minute specification. If you don’t know what a counterweight does, it’s basically a control that determines how much pressure is exerted by the needle onto the spinning platter below it. If the pressure is too high, you’d risk scratching and damaging your records. But if the pressure’s too low, you’ll end up with ‘skipping’ parts, where the music jumps simply because the needle isn’t touching the surface of the record.

You might also have heard of the Audio Technica AT LP120. This is easily one of the best record players that you’ll find anywhere on the market. In fact, most turntables guide for buyers will almost always include this particular model in their list. The AT LP120 has almost all the basic functionalities that you would want from a record player, including ease of use for beginners such as having a convenient USB interface so that you can play any digital files you want on this record player. The performance of this model is comparable to the other Audio Technica AT LP60, an inferior version of it, but which costs about $80 less.